Trailer: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks


Bring home Decidedly Jazz Danceworks this holiday season, streaming December 4-31, 2023. Recognizing themselves as guests in a form born out of Black American culture and the African American experience, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) is a 38-year-old jazz company from Calgary, Canada, dedicated to the rich traditions and boundless future of jazz dance. DJD was a crowd-pleasing favorite with a style described as “music for the eyes” during their Pillow debut at Festival 2023. Treat you or a loved one to DJD’s spirit of jazz by streaming the full company performance of “Family of Jazz”, choreographed by Kimberly Cooper, accompanied by the six-piece Rubim de Toledo Ensemble with vocalist Karimah. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks was filmed live during Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2023. Video by Nel Shelby Productions.

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